Product Photography with Pippa Lynch - June 20th

by Further Doings Studio


Keen to learn how to take AMAZING photos of your product with just your iPhone?

Sat 20th June

3 hours (10am - 1pm) 

Only 7 places.

Light refreshments included.

Location: Further Doings Studio - 528 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn

Product Photography workshop


  • Natural Light Sources (side, backlit, front lit, etc)
  • Tools: Reflector Boards, Diffusers, Tripods, Masking Tape, Blue Tac etc
  • Types of flat lays
  • Editing on your phone
  • Backgrounds: Types, when to use, how to use, colours
  • Composition: Angles, Texture, props, shadows, layout / orientation, movement, focal point, balance, colours
  • How to prep and shoot an image: Step by Step


Pippa Lynch has spent her career working across various creative industries, from fashion sourcing and trend forecasting to product styling and photography. She has a degree in Marketing and coupled with her love of design, she has used that to propel herself in a direction where she can spend her days taking photos for clients and their social media platforms. She runs Shout & Co. which creates beautifully styled images for a variety of clients: from skincare and ice cream, to fashion, homewares and beauty (and literally everything in between). 


If you have a DSLR camera bring that or you can use your smartphone.  If you are using your phone please download the app VSCO an editing app you will be shown how to use.

  • Your products to be styled
  • Flowers if you would like to include them in your scenes (recommend keeping them within a specific colour family - e.g. all within the purple / red / white family)
  • Any props / backgrounds they'd like to incorporate
  • VSCO installed on their phones - and if you could have a play around with it before the class - you don't need to master it beforehand, just know what it looks like etc
  • Phone charger
  • Blue Tac (doesn't need to be a lot)
  • Masking Tape (doesn't need to be a full roll)


Additional props and backgrounds.  Some coloured & white paper.  Diffusers and reflector boards.


  • How to set up, style, shoot and edit images on your phone
  • Images all ready to go for Social Media
  • Insights into how styling works
  • Iphonography hacks and tricks