Marshmallow and Rose Petal Day Cream

by Country Kitchen


made in New Zealand by Country Kitchen NZ

Autumn Range 

Formulated when the herbs and botanicals used to make this cream are in season during autumn and available until sold out .

Blending the world’s most soothing botanical infused oils creates this hydrating, yet ultralight face cream. Our garden nurtured rose geranium and rose petal distillate is crafted in autumn to saturate your skin with the plants gentle spirit. The Marshmallow roots are harvested when the leaves and flowers grow tired and the energy sinks deep into the root embedded in the earth.

Key Ingredients


Wild Rosehip infused Jojoba oil

Marshmallow Root infused Argan oil

Rose petal infused Coconut oil

Coldpressed Rosehip oil

Rose Petal essence (vibrational medicine)

Rose quartz essence (vibrational medicine)

Rose Geranium Distillate

Rose petal Distillate


Essential oil blend


Best used after cleansing. Place a little on the tip of your fingers after cleansing, rub together to warm the cream then apply it over your face + neck. You can also place a little in the palm of your hand and add a little foundation and our sea pearl highlighter cream for a soft cover and instant light.


All of the plant infused oils, distillates, extracts and essences found in this product are made by hand from the herbs we wild harvest or grow on our family farm. The distillates are hand crafted in our copper alembic still in small batches. The carrier oils and collaboration of ingredients we use in the products are picked carefully with organic and sustainable practices in mind.