Lil Ceramics - weirdo whistle - Glik Glark

by Lil Ceramics


By Lil Ceramics

Glik Glark is from the planet 🪐 Glisando - his tribal markings are a sign of his high stature in Glisando due to his ability to hum a perfect e minor while standing on his head.

Glik Glark has come to earth in search of musical geniuses like himself to join his band. After finding a group of creatures with phenomenal talent for humming and hooting he’s having a lot of trouble getting them to stop eating grass long enough for him to teach them his head standing skills 🐄 


Handmade whistle in a smooth black stoneware clay with glossy white glaze detail

Approx 9cm long x 7.5cm wide

This item is hand made using food safe clays and glazes. There will be subtle variations in size, markings and finish. 

***Please Note: International orders may be subject to an Import or duty fee. Buyer is responsible for any such fees***