Lil Ceramics - weirdo whistle - Samson

by Lil Ceramics


By Lil Ceramics

On account of his beautiful lashes and great singing voice Samson is extremely popular with the ladies. 

People used to come from miles around to admire his handsome features and dulcit tones. He was so busy entertaining he scarcely had time to himself.

One terrible day, Samson stole some moments to walk alone when he caught sight of his own achingly gorgeous self in the mirror-still lake and immediately fell deeply in love with his own reflection.

He instantly turned to stone, which may sound like a mixed metaphor, but there you go.

Handmade whistle in a smooth black stoneware clay with glossy white glaze detail.

Approx 9cm long x 7.5cm wide

This item is hand made using food safe clays and glazes. There will be subtle variations in size, markings and finish. 

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